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About Yoga

Yoga has been practiced in India for over 5000 years. Yoga means "to yoke" or "to join" in every sense, from the blend of body, mind and spirit of the individual and also to the individual and his or her greater world. It is a mental and physical discipline.

ill titleYoga practices are designed to help make the individual feel whole.


Yoga involves special breathing, stretching and holding asanas (poses) in specific ways. The benefits of yoga may include increased energy, better concentration and a stronger, fit body. Yoga moves the energy of the body for an overall feeling of vitality and wellness. Yoga is a beneficial activity for all ages! I came across this statement recently: Practice yoga 1x per week for maintenance and 2x per week for progress and 3x or more per week for transformation. If you know the wise person that said this, let me know.......


Visiting? When on Whidbey, drop in for a any class -- you're always welcome! 



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Monday, September 30th we are dining (DVY's  Lunch Bunch) at 11:30 at the new Christopher's--across the street and kitty corner from the Coupeville Inn. You can park in the yoga parking lot. We meeet and chat, have a raffle for free classes and make new friends. Each person  buys their own lunch and beverage. Come join us --you will like it. I have made reservations.

Also, on that same Monday we will be meeting at the Inn at 1:30 for a bike ride. We stay in the Coupeville area and don't do too many hills(we started our rides late this year:)..........All are welcome. 

Right now we are continuing with our Endless Summer program which takes us into the end of September, the 27th to be precise. That means we are doing some of our favorite practices, routines. Beginning Sept. 30th we start again with new sequences and a variety of asanas we have not touched on for awhile. Our spiritual theme will be the Journey of the Goddess  in addition to our anatomical focus or body system focus. Also,    regarding the evening class, it will meet on Tuesdays at 5:30. This class is paid for monthly--the first of the month, in full $56 ($14 per class) by cash or check. If you miss a class you can make it up during the day at your convenience or I will let you pass it on to a friend or family member. I am unable to give refunds. I hope this class goes again as it is a great way for working people to unwind. Changes have been made in a few places on this website--the schedule and the bio. I hope you check them out.YOGA BIKE CLUB ID BACK! THIS TIME OF YEAR WE ARE MEETING AT THE COUPEVILLE INN, BY THE BLACK CANOPY (parking on west side). 1:30 ON MONDAYS. WE STAY IN THE COUPEVILLE AREA.

Beginning February 1, 2019 prices will go up. $80. for 9 classes in the seated yoga classes and $110. for 9 classes in the studio yoga classes. Walk- ins will be $10 for seated and $15 for studio. Thanks for your continued support. 

Just a message about inclement weather or high wind days. Listen to the local weather, consult my website for a message and follow your gut--if  you are unesy, stay home and practice.  

Just a REMINDER beginning Tues.October 1 at 5:30  I will be offering an ALL LEVEL evening class. I need 5 students to make it viable. For this class only it will be a different payment process. This evening class will be billed monthly at $56., by check or cash. A missed class can be made up during the day or transferred to a family member or friend. No refunds. Evening yoga is a great way to unwind and it helps you get through the work week. Looking forward to meeting new practioners! Namaste`


Join us for some of our favorite asanas (seated,standing and inversions), salutations, pranayama and meditation with a special focus on the cardio system. This work comes from the UK and may make a big difference this winter season!
See you in the studio! 

ONE MORE THING--please note on the schedule of classes there will be a 9 o'clock ALL LEVEL class on Fridays. Level 2 is now on Wednesdays at 9:30. ALL LEVEL classes are  designed for both beginners and intermediates, so give it a try --it may be just what you need to give you that extra boost each week.