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All Level Yoga (NEW)

This class is a good compromise between Beginners and Vinyasa Flow. It has elements of both classes so a student can challenge herself or tone it down a bit. Instruction is clear when advanced poses are practiced. This is how most classes were taught when yoga was introduced in the United States.

Beginner's Class

The best way to "begin" for those with little or no yoga experience. Learn basic asanas (poses), standing and seated, as well as breathing techniques. Stretch, relax, strengthen.

Level I

Students at this level continue to refine the basic asanas and build endurance. More breathing techniques are introduced as well as restorative sessions.

Level II

This level is designed for those who have a few years of experience or lead an active lifestyle. We delve deeper into the asanas and breathing techniques and explore different styles of yoga.


This class is designed for those who need to go slowly and have not led a very active lifestyle. Sometimes this class is combined with Beginners to meet the needs of most students.

Seated Yoga

This class is wonderful for those who have difficulty getting up and down off the floor--we don't! All asanas are done seated on a chair. We stretch to gain flexibility and breathe deeply to rejuvenate. This class only meets for 45-50 minutes and is gaining in popularity. Some balance poses are presented, participation is optional. 

Partner Yoga

Come join us for some yoga fun. Participants may be of the same or opposite sex. Learn basic poses as your learn to compliment each other's breath and strength. Appropriate for beginners.

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